Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair Process

Repairing a windshield chip is fairly straightforward. There are however some common misconceptions about what a windshield repair accomplishes. I have repaired thousands of windshield chips and time and time again I come across people who think that a chip repair makes the damage disappear. This is understandable but unfortunately is not the case. When repairing a chip in your windshield there are two things you must be aware of:

1. The chip will never fully disappear. I know, bummer. However it will diminish in its visibility to some degree. I like to describe it as if you drop a coffee cup on the ground and it breaks into several pieces. You can glue this coffee cup back together and it will function just as it’s supposed to, but you will still be able to see the cracked lines in the cup. The main goal of a rock chip repair is to restore the structural integrity of the glass. So while you will still be able to see the chip blemish, you will not have to worry about it spreading any further.

2. There is ALWAYS a risk that you run that the chip spreads during the repair process. While this is a risk, it is highly unlikely that this happens. Being that the glass is damaged (chipped) prior to me working on it, I am trying to restore it to its original structural integrity. The process involves drilling into the damaged area providing a pathway for the resin to enter. I then pump the chip with resin. This pumping process puts pressure on the damaged area which causes the risk of it spreading further. While this rarely ever happens, if it does I will credit the cost of the repair towards a new windshield replacement if you decide to replace it at that point.


Your repaired windshield in 3 steps:

1. Call or Text Me

You can reach me at 971-200-0202. Whether you want to pay out of pocket or go through insurance, we can dial in a game plan over the phone or through text about how you want to go about getting your glass repaired. Going through insurance will NOT affect your rates as the damage was not your fault. However some people prefer to pay out of pocket which is totally fine! I can repair as many chips as you have on your windshield, no problem.

2. Schedule a Time That Works For YOU

I’m servicing your auto glass needs on your schedule, not the other way around. Whether you want me to come to your home, business or job site, I will do whatever I can to make it as convenient as possible for you. I will do my very best to narrow down a tight time frame so you aren’t stuck at your house waiting around for me all day. You have better things to do.

3. Get Your Auto Glass Needs Serviced

On the day of your appointment I will call you the morning of to narrow down the time frame as close to on the dot as I can. I show up, go over a few simple things and get to work. Upon finishing I will make sure that you are happy with the work and… THAT’S IT!

Cracked glass window close-up with blue sky background.
“I can hardly tell there was even any damage to my windshield. I wish I knew how easy this process was months ago.”

– Jessica W.